Patrick Burke-Bio

Patrick Burke-Biography

Born the only son of an actor, Patrick inherited a performer's love of attention and an artist's proclivity to create. A native Oregonian, Burke began his music career pairing up with a childhood friend to write, record, produce, publish and peddle their first album in 1978. Unforgettably entitled The Parasites of the Western World (both the group and the album) they gave the world their own highly spirited contribution to underground avant-guarde music. The album has taken on a life of its own on the internet, recently being picked up by a label (Destijl Records) specializing in reproducing collectables.

Fast forward into the 80's to the beginning of Burke's solo works–Silence and Timing, A Black Balloon, and Drift. The first two are vocal art-rock pieces, the third, a collection of instrumentals. All of them precursors to Burke’s current work featured in his two trilogies.

1994 finds Patrick in his first year of college, taking up photography. Two years into his studies he spends three months in 11 different countries in West Africa taking part in a photo documentary, the culmination of which is a group-produced Cindy Award winning slide presentation, and a CD, Into Africa for which he is a featured photographer and principle music composer.

Graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1997 Burke takes up commercial and fine-art photography producing book and CD covers, all the fine-art he can muster, and everything else it takes to survive as an artist, rather than a starving artist. Forming a three-piece rock band called The Reptiles he returns to performing and acts as producer and co-writer for the band’s CD entitled Bite Me.

In 2005/2007 a long-standing ambition of producing a solo piano trilogy is realized. The Bullfinch Trilogy consisting of The Butler's Bullfinch, Narcissus Reflects, and The Calming, is completed and a live show featuring the music of all three in succession is presented. (A selection from Narcissus Reflects is featured as part of the soundtrack for the newly released film “A Star For Rose”.) The response from audiences and critics is a rewarding one and fuels his next effort–The Wilde Trilogy featuring Wildernesssed, The Secret Diaries, and Scarecrow. All three CDs are works of vocal and instrumental rock loosely featuring thematic ties to the life and work of Oscar Wilde. (Please see the enclosed descriptions for more about the music itself.)

Patrick Burke now performs, as a soloist, all of the previous six CD's mentioned and is currently planning upcoming musical performances and multimedia showings of his original material as well as a host of cover tunes rendered in his unique style.